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I love Korean Dramas that have relatable female main characters. A lot of Korean actresses are really cute and all, but make for pretty dry portrayals, which end up making the dramas SO BORING to watch. However, Gong Hyojin has consistently played what I'd call my 'K-Drama Spirit Animal'!
I don't know if she's one of those actresses who gets to pick her own scripts, but all of her lead roles are consistently awesome. I'm always rooting for her and admire her strengths, and at the same time, her characters have flaws I can see in myself too.

Yoo-kyung in 'Pasta'

First off, I loved 'Pasta'. This drama basically combined three of my favorite things - Gong Hyo-jin, a love triangle involving cute male leads, and massive amounts of carbohydrates. Hyojin's pasta chef Yoo-kyung spoke to my emotional eating side. (I mean, look at her face. You just haven't cried until you've cried with a mouthful of fettuccine alfredo.)

Gong-shil in 'Master's Sun'

This is the drama where Hyo-jin could see dead people. I can't see dead people, but I could relate to the general insecurities she had after spending her life that way. I think everyone has felt like something of an outsider before in their life, right? (Except, you know, I probably would have been way more into Seo In Guk than she was. I mean, girl. GIRL.)

Hae-soo in 'It's Okay, That's Love'

I love this drama so much that it's one of the few dramas that I watched twice in a row! Hae-soo was my dream K-Drama character. She was fiercely independent, extremely ambitious, and while she did end up finding love, love was never her primary pursuit. Of course, she had her share of crying scenes, but she always knew to keep her composure.
(Also, I love this picture. She's like 'Don't speak, Jo In-sung. Just stand there and look pretty for all the K-Drama girls binge-watching our show on Viki.')

Ye-jin in 'The Producers'

I LOVED Yejin because she's totally suited to where I feel like I am in my own life - part-time professional, part-time insufferable teenager. I loved the way she moaned and groaned and always had something to be sarcastic about, but at the same time, was smart, driven, and definitely knew how to hustle and get things done.
Sooooooo... that's me and my undying spirit animal crush on Gong Hyo-jin's K-Drama characters! I can't wait until she's in another drama, as I hope her next role will be as equally awesome as all her past ones have been. (Do you hear me, Hyo-jin?! Don't blow this!!)
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@Kamiamon What's your favorite Gong Hyojin drama??!
@danidee Pasta was my fave until It's Okay, that's love. i thought that was the most perfect drama...of course, until I watched Producer. she's so good I almost can't stand it
@Kamiamon I think it was the most perfect drama too! I loved how they started dating early on in the show and it had more to do with their actual relationship. I think a lot of dramas don't let their couple get together until the very end when the lead character makes their 'decision'. This one let us see them together more!
She is awesome in greatest love plus that drama is just so great I can't stand it haha
@kdramakpop1015 @danidee Yang Jin Sung was also in City Hunter. that's where I first saw her. I also liked Bride of the Century, but Lee HongKi should only ever have blonde hair...