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ABOUT ME! Im Dedicating this page to my natural hair journey. Im hoping i can help anyone through this process. These pictures are some of my hairstyles that i have done. I have been natural for abt 3 years and as u can tell i have colored my hair. My hair is a variety of textures. One thing i can say is that MOISTURE IS THE KEY. My hair is naturally dry. So i use various oils on my hair such as jojaba, olive and coconut to mosturize my hair. PROTECTIVE STYLES ARE A MUST! With there being so many videos or pictorial's online its easy to get caught up in trying to acheive these results but over minipulation can be harmful to your hair. ALSO, I flat iron my hair because thats my personal choice, but i limit it to every two months or so. Regardless if you do it every month or three months or six months you have the possibility of getting heat damage so beware. If you would like to see how i do a diffrent hairstyle please comment. NEXT i will show a diy "deep conditioning". Thank you for visiting my page!
YAY i actually did the transition so i dont have much experience with the BC but i know alot of people that have done it. YOUR HAIR will get there. Dont give up! So many times i said "i cant do this" "this is frustrating" " im just going to get a relaxer again" Im so happy i didnt because all my hardwork would have been for nothing. Coconut oil is also going to be your best friend it makes my hair grow super fast. I purchased mine from trader joes and i LOVE IT! I have had box braids before they are great if you really wanna see your hair grow. ALSO, two strand and flat twist are great things to do to avoid messing with your hair.
Gorgeous! You go girl! I love the way natural hair looks. Pic #3 is my favorite :)
I love all the hairstyles! The 6th one reminds me of Beyonce!
Ah! I am so excited to see another natural hair beauty here! I chopped my hair off about 4 months ago, and it has been experience. I have my hair in box braids currently. What are some things you learned during your process. I am trying to learn to embrace my curls, I am just in this weird short curly hair phase. I want my hair BIG!
This mixture can work for any texture whether your hair is: naturally straight,curly,kinky,wavy etc I use this with my conditioner most of the time and leave it on for about 30 min.. NOTE: if u put eggs in it when mixing it out u need to use warm water or even cool water or u will cook the eggs lol this happened to a friend of mind and the avocado needs to be like a mash no chunks like guacamole or it will be VERY HARD to wash out i hope this has helped you @dlhaase76
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