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Ever listen to a song and then just go...WTF does that mean?

Here are my top 5 most confusing lyrics of all time, and what I think they mean. Educated guesses here, man.

5. Michael Jackson // Earth Song

Confusing Lyric:

"What about elephants / have we lost their trust?"

What I Think it Means: Uh, elephants never forget right? So if we screw them we'll never recover? I don't know.

4. Oasis // Champagne Supernova

Confusing Lyric:

"Slowly walking down the hall / faster than a cannon ball"

What I think it Means: Well, cannon balls are super fast right? Do you think the Gallaghers are just trying to be ironic because they're British and kewl? Again, I don't know. Maybe they've got some hella slow cannonballs over there in the U.K.

3. The Beatles // I Am The Walrus

to be fair this whole song is confusing but, the Most Confusing Lyric is by far:

"I am the egg man/ They are the egg man/ I am the walrus/ goo goo ga joob"

What I think It Means: Drugs.

2. Taylor Swift // Love Story

Confusing Lyric:

"Cause you were Romeo/ I was a scarlet letter/ and my daddy said stay away from Juliet"

What I think it Means: She's got some mixed up literary references here. If she's the scarlet letter, then she's obviously not Juliet cause she was chaste AF and would never be caught dead talking to Hester Prynne or her ilk. So like, it means nothing because it's wrong.

1. The Killers // Human

This may be the only great philosophical question of our time, honestly.

Confusing Lyric, aka the Grand Pubah of strange lyrics:

"Are we human, or are we dancer?"

What I think it means: NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW. THERE IS NO EXPLANATION. I DON'T THINK EVEN THE BAND KNOWS WHAT IT MEANS. I'm yelling, because I'm frustrated. Sorry. I just want to know if I'm human or I'm dancer.
OK, there's actually an awesome story behind I Am the Walrus. The Beatles found out that universities were holding classes that were based on decoding the Beatles' lyrics, and they decided to mess around. So they made a song about nothing, and pretended it was cryptic and insightful... true story.
I just pictured two visibly annoyed elephants kicking back and chatting like "Yo, FORGET those humans. Man, they're the WORST."
@jeff4122 I actually heard that somewhere! Yeah, I love 'em too. I also love the fact that this lyric perplexes everyone to the point where it just becomes hilarious lol.
lol your a dancer...dancing through life
I fuckin' love The Beatles, man.