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Disclaimer: In reference to my 'Four Types of Guys You Don't Want To Date' card, I felt it was only right to do one based on women you probably should steer clear of as well.

Fellas, I know it's not everyday that you meet that girl of your dreams, but when you know -- you just know.

You've probably had your fair share of good and bad women in your day, but sometimes it's hard to read the not so good women. If you happen to be having a hard time with finding yourself a good woman who is worthy of bringing home to the rents -- keep a look out for these five type of women who will make your life a living hell -- literally.

The Clingy Chick: This specific chick in general knows no boundaries.

If you go left, she goes left and if you go right, she's right behind you. She has your best interest at heart, but she doesn't know the meaning of personal space. She expects you to include her when you eat, sleep and think. Be leery of these type of women, they're trouble.

The 'Stand In Mom' Chick: This chick plays more of a mommy role than a girlfriend role.

She clocks your every move and treats you like her son instead of her man. Run for cover as soon as you find yourself dealing with a woman like this. You don't need a woman telling you what you can and cannot do -- you already have a mom, you don't need a second one.

The Insecure Chick: When it comes to confidence, this chick knows nothing of it.

She is always self-conscious and questions her appearance daily. If she asks for your opinion, she never believes what you tell her. She doesn't see herself the same way you see her and constantly compares herself to other women. This cycle can eventually become repetitive and annoying resulting in a negative outcome.

The Materialistic Chick: Simply put, she's spoiled.

Money is her name and money is her game. If you're not talking money, she doesn't want to hear it. Her fulfillment comes from being wined, dined and spoiled with gifts. She doesn't care about words, she wants materialistic things. Without these things, it's sayonara baby.

The Crazy Chick: Everything about this chick is crazy.

She comes across as your typical girl next door, but she's far from it. She's a combination of clingy, insecure and materialistic with mommy characteristics. If there was ever a better time to get out of dodge, it would be now. You want absolutely nothing to do with this chick. Think Beyonce in the film 'Obsessed'. Crazy.
@BeccaRisinger31 yeah i totally get what you're saying. i just think this post was meant to be more light hearted then serious since you can't possibly even generalize insecure, crazy or clingy since some people view them differently.
that i can understand, im only making the point, that, to some people, it could seem greatly offensive. even the insecure parts of a girl, generally stem from someone elses treatment of that person. just sayin.
@BeccaRisinger31 i don't think she meant it to be offensive and by no means was she referring to a mental disorder. I think Jordan was just trying to make a spoof of lists that usually are about what GUYS not to date.
@BeccaRisinger31 I apologize if my card happened to offend you, but as @LizArnone stated this card was in no way, shape or form written to make anyone feel any type of way. It was actually supposed to be a bit humorous. As a young woman myself, I can actually admit to being every single one of these "chicks" I wrote about and it was all done out of love. I resonate with each one so it was much easier for me to write about it. I've been that woman I have learned what guys like and what they don't like. This was just a sequel to my post about "five guys women shouldn't date", no harm. Just poking fun. I appreciate you for at least taking the time out to read it and @LizArnone thank you for helping make my point more clear. This was written all in a good manner.
sorry for reading you the riot act... haha maybe i was pretty harsh. i do apologize.
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