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Someone had to do it. The Republican presidential candidate is against same-sex marriage, and George Takei decided to publicly call him out on it.
George's main point is that Trump, who has been married three times, already has an unconventional view on marriage because he's done it several times. This means he should understand that in the United States, we should be able to define marriage however we want.
I think this is the perfect argument against Trump and a lot of same-sex marriage opponents. Trump's own marriages are untraditional, and if it's okay for him to interpret marriage however he wants, why can't others do the same?
I look forward to Trump's response, but based on his recent attempts to appeal to super conservative voters, I'm guessing his stance on same-sex marriage won't change. I'm not sure we'll hear from Trump anytime soon though, as he's a little busy ruining his relationships with NBCUniversal and Macy's.
Watch the entire clip of George trying to convince Trump to support marriage equality here.
@JordanNash agreed! I think this is awesome of George Takei, not only does he make a great point, but he's standing up to a pretty powerful guy.
I'm glad there are people out there who are standing up to him! I think that a lot of times people see him as someone who cannot be challenged because he has SO much money and SO much power. I'm glad that's changing and that people are calling him out on his hypocritical views.