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So I just had to share this with all you foodies out there like me. This is the first time I've ever made them, so it is a little rough. But they taste amazing.
Here is the recipe: Seafood Pancakes BATTER: 1/2 cup Flour 2/3 cup Water 1 teas. Salt Egg, beaten (reserve for later...it doesn't go in the batter) VEGGIES: (2" pieces, julienned) Green onions, sprinkled with flour Chives Zucchini Chili pepper Seafood (chopped, optional) I used squid, shrimp,crab, and mussels. Dipping Sauce: 2 T. soy sauce 2 teas. water you can also add a couple drops sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, and a wee pinch of red pepper flake and green onion as well. Mix batter ingredients in bowl. Throw in veggies. Mix. Add seafood. Heat fry pan. Pour ingredients into pan and pour beaten egg on top. Fry on medium heat until golden brown on both sides. Note: Be sure to sprinkle green onion and chive with flour so batter will syick better.
@ChristinaBryce you can use just about any types of seafood or veggies...you can make it all veggie if you like...you can make it with or without the egg. Play around with it and make it you own. I added some fresh ground ginger and garlic to my batter to kick it up a bit. Oh and some Korean red pepper powder.
Never eaten anything like this but it looks pretty good....i'm not a huge fan of all seafood though so i think i'll try shrimp only if i try this lol
@JackieMurrayCab Thanks!!! I'll try :)
Mmmm. Looks great @JackieMurrayCab!!
No worries!!!!!
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