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July 4th is just around the corner, and I'm as excited as anyone, but I can't help myself - I have to look on the other side of everything.
So, in honor of the country that we all love so much, here are some songs that you definitely should not play on the Fourth of July. Because, you know. They're all examples of American artists complaining about the shitty parts of this beautiful country that we all love so unconditionally.

You've been warned...

Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Fortunate Son"

What it's saying: Vietnam sucks.
Key lyric: "Some folks inherit star spangled eyes / Ooh, they send you down to war / And when you ask 'em, 'How much should we give?' / Ooh, they only answer 'more, more more'"
What it's saying: Hilariously mis-interpreted by the public and politicians alike (Reagan infamously used it as his campaign song in 1984) as a patriotic song, Springsteen brutally criticizes the treatment of Vietnam veterans.
Key lyric: "Come back home to the refinery / Hiring man said, 'Son if it was up to me' / Went down to see my V.A. man / He said 'Son you don't understand'"

Neil Young - "Southern Man"

What it's saying: The American South is hypocritical, backwards and a problem. And it's bringing down the nation. I know, I know - Neil Young is Canadian, but, whatever.
Key lyric: "I heard screaming / And bullwhips cracking / How long? How long?"

OutKast - "Gasoline"

What it's saying: America exploits... well.. pretty much everything.
Key lyric: Don't everybody like the smell of gasoline? / Well burn motherfucker burn American dreams / Don't everybody like the taste of apple pie?
Violent Femmes - "America Is"
What it's saying: It's not that cryptic, folks.
Key lyric: Literally the entire song.

LCD Soundsystem - "North American Scum"

What it's saying: Ok, this one is actually, ironically, a patriotic song. I figured I'd finish on a high note. It's saying that everyone hates us, but we don't care. Which is kind of the most American mentality of all, I guess.
Key lyric: "You see I love this place / that I have grown to know / Alright, North America / And yeah I know you wouldn't touch us with a ten-foot pole / 'cause we're North Americans"

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Party hard, party safe.

"North American Scum" is totally one of my favorite songs to play on patriotic holidays though...
Definitely! it's perfect in every way