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So I'm basically sharing this for @poojas this was one of the earliest K-Pop songs I heard, I love it so much ^^ I hope you enjoy it too :)
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Ah, I see! Time for me to check out more girl groups. I always procrastinate on that! lol @MattK95
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@poojas I'll help if you like :)
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@MattK95 That'd be great! @jiggzy19 helped me with this before as well (Thanks @jiggzy19!), but I got lost after a few songs (my excuse is that I always get distracted by Big Bang) hahaha :D
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@poojas no problem, I'll get working on it tomorrow. Oh and who doesn't find Bigbang distracting lol
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@MattK95 Yay! Thank you! And right...I blame everything on TOP and Daesung! ^^
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