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Instagram! A way for all of us to take pictures of things we like or what we are doing. If you have an Instagram account and you love kpop you might as well be following your favorite kpop idols too!
I'll share some of the kpop idols im following by groups and if im missing some people then please comment and tell me what their name is on Instagram. Also i would love it if you recommend me any kpop groups or soloist that you think i should give a try to listen too.
Great idea @kiarastiger! I only really follow TOP on Instagram, haha. And what groups do you already we can give you some suggestions :D
@poojas i like Shinee, Btob, f(x), vixx, big bang, u-kiss, 2ne1, and nuest. those are the main one i listen too.
@kiarastiger Hmm, okay! You should check out iKON :) Here: