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Remember all those hours you spent trying to smooth your baby hairs before going out just to have them pop up again 30 minutes later? Well, apparently, you should have just used gel and smoothed them onto your forehead. The only thing I'm thinking when I look at these pictures is, "WTF?" And this trend isn't just a fluke — it's been everywhere recently.
Caitlin Price showcased baby hairs in her 2015 Fall/Winter collection in London. This look is still somewhat normal. It looks like she just got out of the shower and forgot to brush her hair off of her face.
Katy Perry showcased her baby hairs for her "This is How We Do" music video and at Paris Fashion Week. These looks are getting a little weirder, especially the green hair with brown baby hair look. Fashion experts said Katy only got away with the baby hair look at the Met Gala without more of an uproar was because of the shock of Kim Kardashian's platinum blond hair.
So then it starts to get really weird. Beyonce, Kendall Jenner and other models rocked the slicked-down baby hair trend on the cover of Japan's Vogue in Givenchy. Not only are they sporting some very obvious baby hair curls, they are also wearing interesting facial jewelry.
Givenchy continued the baby hair trend on the runway in the fashion show for the Givenchy 2015 Fall/Winter Collection. Do the baby hair curls remind anyone else of mustache curls?
And this one takes the cake. FKA Twigs used her baby hairs to write a message on her forehead in The Just Kids Issue. Sending text messages is so 2014. Now, you must send messages in baby hairs on your forehead. Yeah, that's normal.

How does anyone think this is fashionable?!

I've seen baby hairs on people, but they aren't as....aggressive. holy shhhh*!
i .... just....#DONE hahahaaha
Baby hairs are the bane of my existence...that being said I would never deal with them by smoothing them onto my forehead like this. So weird!
the baby hair trend is everywhere, lol. With that being said, it does look good on FKA Twigs. I love her music!
@alywoah haha agreed! There is a difference between some baby hairs and gelling them to your face!
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