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I guess the idea of giving someone a second chance isn't that crazy, except it is. Sometimes there are just some people you need to cut out and it will be for the best. And I know their mistakes "weren't that bad!", but you're judgement is clouded and its messing with your brain waves.
Which is why I am here to inform you of the Ex's that need to remain in your past.
1. The one that cheated
I don't care if it was 1 time or 100 times, if someone cheats kick them to the curb...and maybe fuck up their car. I guess maybe a kiss is MAYBE forgivable because it could have been a confused drunk accident, but there is no accident about getting naked with someone who is not your partner.
They aren't worth your time or the heartbreak, since trust me it'll happen again.
Cheaters are weak.
2. The one that texts you even when they have a new girlfriend
So they didn't cheat on you, but they seem ready to cheat with you. Either way its not cool. Trust me, it will make you feel amazing that your ex still wants you, that must mean they care a lot right? WRONG. From experience it just makes them a shitty person. They may even get to hook up with you, but that doesn't mean they will leave their new boo.
Do yourself (and your pride) a favor and don't let it get that far.
3. The Ex that still calls you when their drunk
Give them a few days, the wound is fresh and they clearly are unsuccessfully trying to drink the pain away. But if weeks or even months go by and they are still drunk dialing you, that is just tragic. Also, don't you deserve someone that knows they love you (sober) and is brave enough to say it (sober)? I think you do.
4. The Ex you really thought was The One
I bet you to had an amazing connection, which is why it always crosses your mind that you both deserve another shot. But you need to remember, you guys broke up for a reason. It is this clouded judgment that makes leaving them behind so necessary. If you get back together you will only be trying to recreate the past, not move towards the future.
Cut them out, and after some time they will be just a blimp on your radar, I promise.
5. The Ex that wasn't really an Ex
This bastard is the worst/most dangerous one. You were "together" but never official, which is why when it ended you have absolutely no closure. I know you're thinking that maybe if you guys just became official things will be different...but it won't. If they weren't trying to call you theirs before, they don't get to call you theirs now.
There are people just waiting to met you, people who would die to be official with you, so leave your past in the past and find them.
AHHHHH! So can I be the first to say, this was simply perfect and my ex fell under every single category -- JERK! Anyway #2 and #4 are the ultimate worst! I swear I hate when guys still text you when they're in a relationship. So annoying and unnecessary. I love the humor and seriousness in this card.
LOL I can definitely relate! It's always that one person who comes to mind when you read cards like this. Glad he remains an ex, that's always the best thing.
@jordanhamilton thanks so much !!! I'm not going to lie i really did have one boy in mind while i was writing this post.....JERK haha thankfully he always has and always will remain a ex (well an ex that isn't really an ex) ugh
I love the no texting your ex after 2am lol he did
1-4 is the same person for me. I was going to say something else but I think I just feel sad now. hahaha
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