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5 Fan Songs That Totally Rock

Fans are amazingly talented people.

The above photo is a picture of Choirfly, a nerdy a capella group in NYC. They perform covers of songs that we love (their version of the Pokemon Theme Song is AMAZING). The best part of the fan community is the gift economy we run on. Fans share their incredible work (dedicated to our favorite characters or shows), and in return we shower them with kudos and love. Their work inspires others, and the cycle continues. This card is for celebrating amazing fanartists and the music they were kind enough to share with us. Who else loves these?

Nuit En Argent- Paola Bennet

Allison's death was tragic and unexpected. It's been months, and I still don't think the Teen Wolf fandom has recovered. This song tribute to the character is a beautiful sendoff. It's a perfect reflection of Allison's character, speaking to not just her struggles but her strengths. It's proof that we'll never forget her.

Fight Them Hellhounds Dean -Olivia Chrestomanci

If you're in the Supernatural fandom, you probably owe Olivia Chrestomanci a lot of love for her beautiful songs about the Winchesters and their adventures. The folksy rhythms and evocative lyrics are the soundtrack to every angsty fic you love. I kept thinking of Lipstick- did it remind anyone of something else?

Left My Heart In 1945- OnlyHands

OnlyHands has more fuel to add to the fire that is your pile of Steve Rogers feels. No matter who you ship, this song hits every single note of grief and loss and hope that the character represents. It's a song for the man behind the shield, "just a boy from Brooklyn" in a strange new world. The fandom is lucky to have it.

Sherlock- ChristiAna

What an amazing character profile. The artist really understands Sherlock, and the song hits all of his insecurities and weaknesses. Since the fandom is more willing to explore that side of him, songs like this make the story feel richer. Did anyone else think of the Paradox Series when they listened to it?

Tik Tok Doctor Who Parody- speakerwiggin

THIS SONG IS SO WEIRD. Like, exactly the correct amount of weird. Doctor Who got a little bit timey wimey during the River Song arc, and this song totally rolls with it. The chorus is totally macabre and entirely appropriate. You probably didn't know you needed this in your collection, but aren't you glad you have it now?
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