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There is no fear in Kendrick Lamar’s heart. The Cali natives ambitious sophomore album, "To Pimp a Butterfly" meshes G-funk, P-funk, jazz, and political diatribes. This makes the album a bit hard to digest on a casual level.
Kendrick offset the heavier material by starting his roll out with lighter, commercial friendly songs off the album. “I” was a celebration of life. “King Kunta” was a clever song in which he questioned the authenticity of many rapper’s lyrics.
After two light hearted video releases, Kendrick relinquished a tough new video for his song “Alright.”
The video is a black and white tour through an absurdist Compton. From the gates, Lamar grabs your attention as you see him rapping in a car carried by cops. The imagery in the video is amazing and clean throughout. Near the back end, you see Lamar perched on stoplights outside of Staples Center, teasing passersby with cars and clothes.
This is one of those videos that will have staying power for a long time. I am sure many will have different interpretations on this one. What comes to mind after you watch the video?
Loved the video, thanks for posting @christianmordi
@christianmordi i never really paid much attention to his videos, i get so caught up in trying to work out the lyrics that any visuals tend to be just plain distracting haha but now that i see the production that goes into them, i'll definitely be checking out some more
@jeff4122 you captured the card/video perfectly. I have always been a fan of Kendrick's videos. I thought a lot of the videos for the last album swayed toward the commercial songs, so I am happy he gave one of the heavier songs some love on this one. Hopefully we get a video for the song with him and Rapsody, another one of my favorites off the album
Man, I fuckin' love this song. It stood out to me from the record more than any other (except for "u"). The flow in that second verse is too good, man. As for the video, the skit at the end says it all for me. The whole video is, as you said, absurdist - he's floating through the air, standing on street lights, etc. - completely invincible. He can't fall, no matter how much danger he seems to put himself in. Then the white cop shows up and, with a fake gun, knocks him dead. He falls dramatically and we think the cop 'won' - then Kendrick gives that DOPE sly smile, as if to repeat the chorus: "we gon' be alright". He's untouchable.