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I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND. Here in the U.S., we'll be celebrating one of our biggest national holidays: Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July! Many people celebrate with backyard barbecues, surrounded by family and friends. And when you combine family and cookouts, you know what you get? AMAZING FOOD.
People say there's nothing more American than apple pie on the Fourth of July. They're wrong. You should be eating a hot dog on Fourth of July, hands down.
Oh, and a hamburger too. Half of each.
And what else on the side but some nice, buttery corn on the cob?
You can't forget that family cookout staple, pasta salad.
As well as it's slightly less attractive cousin, potato salad. Sorry potato salad – pasta salad got the good genes. I'll still eat you, though.
And then, of course, are the red, white and blue desserts... they're beautiful, patriotic, AND delicious. I hope someone in my family makes some crispy, sweet frosted shortbread flag cookies!
Or this secretly patriotic cake, disguised with all-white icing. I don't know what all that food dye does inside my body, but I definitely want to eat this cake.
Oh man. This brings back all of the memories. There's nothing better on a hot July day than chasing down the ice cream truck and getting a Firecracker popsicle! So many colors... so drippy... so good.
And then there are all the delicious berry-related desserts, thanks to the happy coincidence (or was it?) of having a flag that's the same colors as strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Such a delicious national symbol.
Somebody, probably an aunt of some kind, always brings one of these red white and blue fruit tarts. And they are always DELICIOUS.
If your aunt's a badass, she's figured out how to arrange her berries in the actual shape of the American flag. Now that takes some skill. And makes it taste even better, somehow.
Next level aunts (great aunts, maybe?) achieve such a high level of Fourth of July skill that they create entire flag-themed pies. This is way better than apple!
I'm ready for you, Fourth of July food. Let me love you.
This is the best holiday ever. Have a great time, everybody! Stay safe, and remember to eat a lot!!!
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My mom always does the strawberries and blueberries flag tart thing. That's totally her thing.