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Okay so you're a peasant. Now I want you to imagine Beyoncé. American Royalty. Now I want you to imagine that you're in Beyoncé's family. Okay imagining time is over because that's not going to happen. So instead of writing some fan girl type of piece, I'm just going to throw some pictures and captions to make you envious. Because let's be honest, you've stopped reading by now and you're just staring at how you wish she was your mom or sister or aunt or best friend.
Beyoncé and Jay Z are currently on vacation having just another ordinary mega thousand dollar getaway. But of course, Queen B couldn't stay off social media for too long without posting. She posted her epic purple cut out bathing suit and it's definitely enviable for all of you ladies out there. And look at that braid! It's perfectly done and who could forget about her gold foil tattoos. The Queen needs a little armor to show who's boss.
Of course she has incredible views, an adorable childhood moment at the ice cream truck, and some adorable bonding time between Baby Blue and Jay Z. What more would you need?

Where do I sign up to be a part of Beyoncé's life?

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Yo but since when are the spongebob popsicles FOUR DOLLARS?!