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You better work! And Jordin Sparks is working it! Jordin Sparks came from humble beginnings, won it big on American Idol and has kept her cool while climbing to pop star status. Her fashion is a mixture of quirky, sexy and sophisticated — which is absolutely amazing and works so well for her.
Jordin Sparks rocks every street she walks on. She has killer street style and loves to show off what she wears on her Instagram. She also posts where she got each piece, which is amazing for those of us who want to look exactly like her.
She also recently released a killer single "Double Tap," where she rocks some sexy style.
Jordin Sparks knows exactly how to stand out on the red carpet and still look amazingly fashionable (those two things don't always go hand in hand). She does a great job at letting statement pieces talk for themselves and keeping the rest of the outfit simple so it doesn't detract from the statement piece.

Keep rocking it, girl!

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she looks great