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When it comes to love, some speak it better than they show it.

They say 'actions speak louder than words' and in most cases that happens to be true, but it all depends on how you choose to express yourself. If you thought you were only fluent in one language, think again. Every single one of us are fluent in the language of love and aren't even aware.
In case this happens to be news to you, love is made up of five distinct languages that explain how we best receive and give our love in return to others. If you're curious to find out what your language you speak and what it says about you, class is now in session.

The Language of Words Of Affirmation:

When it comes to words of affirmations, words seem to be louder than actions. You love to receive compliments and words of encouragement. It's the simple things that matter to you and something as simple as a few words can validate everything.
Actions are important, but your main focus is on words that mean something amazing. You focus on the positive and negatives cut you deep like a dagger. You remember both the good and the bad which could be both a gift and a curse.

The Language of Quality Time:

Your idea of quality time is far different from the typical movie date or candle light dinner. You want undivided attention and you want it on your clock. Good conversation between just the two of you or a simple picnic in the park with no distractions is extremely ideal. Body language, eye contact and attentiveness mean everything to you.

The Language of Gifts:

You get a thrill from knowing that you're being thought of in the form of receiving gifts. You're far from materialistic, but rather appreciative. A material gift isn't always expected, sometimes physical presence is the best gift that can be presented to a person. Priceless and personable.

The Language of Acts of Service:

Being served puts a smile on your face. Knowing that someone prefers to take the weight off your shoulders after a long day of work. Something as simple as putting the dishes away or making you breakfast in bed is the perfect way you receive love. These acts of love take both effort and energy -- definitely doesn't go unnoticed.

The Language of Physical Touch:

Those hugs, those kisses and holding hands across the dinner table mean something special to you. This language is so much deeper than knocking boots in the bedroom. A simple touch from someone you love shows you that they care without the use of words.
I'm going to go ahead and say I (and probably most people haha) are totally a mix of these....though I don't really put that much focus on quality time (some people are busy!) or service, more on words & actions.
I totally agree! I'm a mix of all five, but I gravitate more so towards words of affirmation the most :) @hikaymm