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In college, my friends and I had a weekly horror movie night. We loved those terrible Netflix slasher movies with bad acting, predictable plots and ketchup blood. Eventually we ran out of movies because shockingly, some were so bad that even we refused to watch them (The Gingerdead Man, for example).
I'm pretty sure there are three movies in this franchise ^^^ (Okay, I googled it and the second is called Passion of the Crust, followed by Saturday Night Cleaver. That's just unbelievable.)
Anyways, thanks to MTV, there is a weekly series for us to watch - Scream. It has everything you want from those bad horror movies - teen drama, a scary mask and a group of idiotic characters who always find themselves alone in the woods while there's a killer on the loose.
After watching the first episode, I can safely say this show is in no way good. It's stereotypical high schoolers doing stereotypical high school things, with no unique characters or plot points. Really, it's just a crappy slasher movie stretched out for thirteen episodes. But that doesn't mean it isn't entertaining. Watch the trailer below and I think you'll see what I mean.
I know I'm several years older than this show's target demographic, but whatever, I'll watch the next episode.
there's a bad horro movie on netflix I keep daring myself to watch but just won't succumb, called Zombeavers. I just, I can't.
*talking to a sandwich* "you're bread, meat"
I wanna make a movie about killer dough and call it "night of the living bread"
@VinMcCarthy I admire the creators of these movies for their creativity in naming these movies but that's about all
Tons of joke potential there, "bread man walking"