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BuzzFeed staffer, Brendan Klinkenberg decided it was a great idea to go on a 7-day burrito cleanse. I am diggin' this idea, already. As a burrito lover, he wanted to see what is was like to eat his favorite food for 7 days straight. He ate a total of 15 burritos and 21,700 calories during the burrito cleanse. Yikes, over 3,000 calories per day!
Since a burrito is a well-rounded food, you know, like it has vegetables, meat, whole grains, and cheese -- he thought cleanse would be totally doable. He had burritos -- for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
The only way I could think this could possible cleanse him, if he ended up with a case of the watery shits. I know you were thinking the same thing. Don't you lie.
By day two, he was feeling legarthic and full. By fourth day, he was experiencing cramping.

Really, burrito, you're really going to disappoint us?

Long story short, the cleanse didn't cleanse anything, and Klinkenberg ended up hating his favorite food. Sorry for the unhappy ending. :(
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I don't think this should be done with and kind if food
moderation is key ;) @TerrecaRiley
that should have been *any kind of food*.Omg!I've got to stop swiping!
Hahaha! I would have to say I could try to eat salad and fruit and water daily with rice and beans and give up my sweet ice tea!