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That's it, it's over, I'm done
knocked down, pushed out,
beaten, broken, left without sound
to speak, not a peep, this war's
taken all from me and given nothing back
prop me up, drag me out, tell me something
nice about the time we've got, the time we haven't
batshit crazy, minefield bodies
got shoes and nothing to fill em,
I wish they'd kill me softly, kill me easy
what I done I done, ain't no did left to do
smoke em if you got em, petey
it don't matter now. stay with me
baby, there's still some ride left in this
guy here on my left says he didn't sign up
for this, what were the terms, where
was the dotted line we inked in blood
mostly theirs, not enough ours
paid in full, our souls for lease
lowest bidders, highest common denominator
where's my gun, where's my brother, where's the road
back home to 'tucky
got some business to take care
of mice and men, we got the raw end
need a new deal, no
It's a day! that mean a poem! That poem is this poem! And this poem is inspired by today's daily influx of lyric, coming from the "Fight Song" by the Bad Bad Hats.
"Picture the end now
elbows on tables
let me down easy
my heart is fatal"
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Really like the energy and rhythm of this one. It's really lively.