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First of all, welcome to the Funny Community! My name is Dani, and I will be the moderator for the third quarter of the year. @jokes will be assisting me with making this a great community, so if you have any questions or fun ideas, send either of us a message as we're both pretty frequently around and would love to hear from you!
I'm so excited to laugh with the rest of you over the next few months, and I hope you are too. Feel free to create funny content, but be sure to keep Vingle's terms and conditions in mind, which you can review over here. Also, refrain from posting anything that could be considered offensive to others. Let's keep this a positive place, okay?!
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@danidee trust me, it's even better in person than imagination.. lol
2 years ago·Reply
@camibella you should make a video of it lol
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee ur awesome! love ur vibe
2 years ago·Reply
@TerrecaRiley Thank you sooo muchhhh!! ;) It's been so fun talking to you on here this week!!
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee same! :D virtual high five!!
2 years ago·Reply