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Brides, you can still adorn your feet and look put-together on the beach with barefoot sandals.
Let your bridesmaids wear them too if you plan to wear them so it doesn't look off kilter.
You can try making these yourself if you have time, patience and skill, or you can buy them from places like Etsy, which is probably your best bet.
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@marshalledgar oh so sweet for your concern ..yeah I would definitely if it would be on beach or have some sand dust theme ;)
My pleasure! I hope that this wedding community is informative and inspirational for you. As the moderator here I want to make sure you and your friends are enjoying it. Let me know if you have questions or want to give feedback. Thx!
@marshalledgar you are doing great ..keep up the good work up ..people like me look forward to you ..:)
Thank you!! :)