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What does that look like to you? Horror? The insane anxiety of a morning commute? Three of the millions of arms that the New York City subway flails at paying customers daily?

How about an instrument?

That's what it looks like to James Murphy, former frontman of LCD Soundsystem and current mad musical genius. Since ending LCD Soundsystem Murphy has been all over the music scene, perhaps most notably stamping his name in the credits of Arcade Fire's "Reflektor". One of his most interesting projects, though, is his aim to change the way the subway works, and, more importantly, sounds. The above video explains.
Look, it's probably never going to happen. The City and the MTA have said that the current sound meets certain requirements for the visually impaired. But it's an absolutely brilliant idea.
Keep doing your thing, James Murphy. But maybe shave your face.
Oh man I wish this would happen at every station, like tomorrow.
I wouldn't complain @nicolejb... but i'll take anything other than Heineken hahaha
I saw this story and got super pumped! He’s partnering with Heineken to do this, so does this mean we get free beer on our morning commute too? ;)
hahahahaha agreed @jeff4122 (but hey thanks Heineken for the music)