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I've fallen in love with these crazy boys and their music ever since my cousin introduced them to me. To me Hoseok is the best, he's my ultimate bias but then there's Yoongi who is my second Bias 馃構 Taehyung is my bias list ruiner 馃槑馃槉
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JHope is slowly killing me and I'm totally okay with it. @KDramaKPop1015 Same here...one day I woke up and suddenly BTS happened...hahaha
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@poojas he's been killing me since day 1 馃槆
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@CeceHoseok Oh no...let's make a JHope fanclub to support each other :)
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@poojas that's an amazing idea
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@poojas I totally get that. You explained it better than me.
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