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It's the little details that make things work. For instance, this lavish use of color in this violet and chartreuse bouquet is grounded in details like the hypericum berries, which are the same shade of green as the orchids. You also have the silver eucalyptus sprigs and the hyacinth in blue.
Combined, these elements make a stunning bridal bouquet that is more than just bold colors or something to match the wedding theme. It's corralling the details that give it dimension and elevate it from something trite to something remarkable.
For more floral bouquets, take a look here for more inspiration!
It does!!! I am so curious to see the pictures from the Arabian Wedding you mentioned earlier. EXCITED!
Sounds lovely @inTropics I too, love unusual floral combinations. It's nice to break up the monotony of seeing the same bridal bouquets over and over.
i love eucalyptus springs and hyacinth. we use orchids very often, our brides prefer them cause they are exotic for many regions, but we are happy whether some of them choose some unusual and stunning flowers for the bouquet and deco. also we have a huge variety of carnations and they are lovely! i'll try to make more cards with our bouquets...
@marshalledgar I have pics ready, copyrights, but i dont know what the text to write yet)))
@marshalledgar monotony kills our thoughts and creative intensions!))