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[Subject is in good spirits. Smiling. But keeps rubbing nose. Must look into this later]
Yeah, I've worn an eye-patch before. Left eye [points at his eye], for a year, Junior year of high school [laughs]. Anyway, the story goes, like, I got into this huge fight, right? Like, I was at the, uh, mall or whatever and, uh, this [rubs nose, again] guy comes up to me and starts, you know, flexing on me [laughs hard] and I go to punch the guy, right? And then, like, he hits me first and, I, uh, go down so hard. Like, this dude, man, he messes up my whole shit. Like, he hits me so goddamn hard I just hit the floor, laughing, but my eye is all fucked up, you know? And, uh, he's freaked out 'cause I'm laughing so hard. And I get up, spit my own blood into his face and he runs off. But like, my friend comes up to me, right? And he's like, "dude, your entire eyelid is cut up, man. You have to go to the hospital." And I'm like, sure, I will. So anyway, long story short, I got a bunch of stitches on my face and, you know, had to wear this fucking eye-patch. I still have it, actually.
[Subject lights cigarette and smiles to himself]
Actually, none of that shit happened. I wore an eye-patch 'cause I must have gotten something under my eyelid, like, a small pebble or spec of dust and it irritated it to the point where it started getting really, like, you know, swollen. So I just covered up and told people I got into a fight 'cause I wanted to seem, you know, like a goddamn tough guy. A real rock 'n roller, you know? [laughs]
[end of interview]