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She was your first girlfriend, and she was the first person you said the words "I love you" to. You were a kid, you didn't know what love is.
Honestly, who knows that you ever will? Does anyone?
Anyway. She will come back in to your life, and you will remember only the good parts, because it has been so long. You will have forgotten the mood swings, the broken coffee pot, the way she made fun of you to her friends.
You only remember the time you watched The Iron Giant on her projector and almost cried.
You only remember how she made you sancocho when you had strep throat.
You only remember how she kissed you that first time, on that park bench by the waterside.
Pure romance.
When she shows back up in your life, it will have been eight years since you stopped seeing each other. You will only barely recognize her. She's lost some weight, her hair is different. She has more piercings and tattoos than you remember.
A small part of you will long for her. You've been single for a while and you can imagine things going differently, maybe, this time.
Where does she show up? In a bar, of course. She sees you first, sitting with your friend Shawn at a table by the brick exterior wall. She will saunter -oh, how she can saunter- over to you both, but she only has eyes for you. She has a beanie on, and her hair is long and straight and blue. She has a monroe piercing now and fuck, you always thought that was sexy.
Shawn will not know who this is. He didn't know the version of you who dated this vixen. He will take her approach as his cue to sidle away from the table. She doesn't notice, but you feel like a lifeline has been cut. You think you may be powerless near her.
You just might be, too.