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It's the first date and all is going well, or so it seems.

Your date has been a complete gentleman thus far, opening car doors and pulling out your seat at in the luxurious five start restaurant he found on yelp. He seems like the perfect catch, handsome and intelligent -- what's not to love? While you patiently wait for your entrees to arrive you decide to chit chat over a glass or two of wine. Your date suggests the two of you get to know each other a little more, you oblige without hesitation.
The questions roll off your tongues and before you know it your date starts asking questions that have you giving him a mean side eye. You don't know if it's the alcohol or if he's just your typical jerk, but you go with the latter of the two. It's great to get to know someone on a deeper level -- especially on the first date, but there are certain rules and regulations when it comes to what's appropriate and what's not. Women are attracted to gentleman, not douchebags -- they're so 2001. If you don't want to be 'that guy' whose number got blocked because he was disrespectful -- keep these five questions in mind when on your next date and let's just hope you score a second one.

Disrespectful Question #1: How Much Do You Weigh?

Ask this question and I assure you there will be no room to even consider a second date. Talk about disgusting and disrespectful. Even if a woman doesn't weigh the size you would prefer her to weigh, a woman's size doesn't define her. Who are you to judge? If you've gotten as far as sitting in a restaurant having dinner with one another, her weight should be the least of your worries. Don't be shallow.

Disrespectful Question #2: Want To Come Back To My Place?

Sir, this is your first date. Why in the world would you be trying to get a woman to come back to your place? Any woman who respects herself would immediately turn the offer down and look at you in another light for the reminder of the night. What can the two of you do at your place that you can't do out in public? Exactly. Not going to happen.

Disrespectful Question #3: When Did You Lose Your Virginity?

First of all, more than likely she's a grown woman -- don't ever ask a woman this question ever in life. Second of all, what makes you think that she's not still a virgin? Don't be so quick to compare one woman to the rest. It's honestly none of your business when she lost it or if she lost it. Stay in your lane.

Disrespectful Question #4: Is That Your Real Hair?

Yes, it's her real hair. It's real and she bought it with her money -- case closed. Don't ask questions you don't want a truthful answer to. You're just setting yourself up for failure. Whether it's her real hair or not, she was attractive enough to take out for dinner -- so, why does it even matter?

Disrespectful Question #5: Are You Talking To Anyone Else?

If she is, who cares? She obviously took the time out of her busy schedule to go on a date with you. Even if she has been weighing her options, focus on the fact that you're an option because if you ask this question you will easily be a non-factor in her life. It doesn't matter who she's talking to because let's be honest, you're probably talking to a few other ladies yourself. You're not exempt.
To save yourself both the time and energy of this disaster date in the making, refer to my posts 'Four Types Of Guys You Shouldn't Date' to get an idea of what kind of guys women aren't attracted to. You'll be doing yourself a favor. Thank me later.
I feel so relieved right now that I've never had anyone ask me any of these ridiculous questions at a time that was inappropriate! Yuck. Can't believe people do, though I honestly wouldn't really mind that much.
Yeah unfortunately people do ask these questions, it's def disgusting. I don't think I would mind at a certain point in our relationship, but as far as the first date -- a major no no!!!!