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Cool New Snapchat Update

This snapchat feature was just released and to the best of my knowledge is only available for snapchat beta testers. You can now share your ghost via other social media platforms and you can add a photo or video to your snapchat ghost. Add me on snapchat: glowpaint to see this new feature.

Screen shot explaining these new snapchat updates

Information obtained via the Android market place.

A new way to add friends near by on snapchat

This is a new way to add friends on snapchat the idea is to turn on find friends near by and you will see a list of people around you who have Snapchat. I'm not sure if they also have to have near by enabled to be found. You will also need to have the location feature enabled on your phone to use this new feature.
This is what the new ghost feature (second snapchat app window) looks like on a phone. You can now export and share this with people on other social networks you use.
Sorry about blanking this out but this is another new way people can add you on snapchat. Adding people by sceen shot.
The old way of viewing who has seen your stories has changed. Now it lists your friends as shown above.
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I will add more information about the updates later today