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I so needed to see this picture today! What a fabulous array of flowers for this hump day! What are you doing to celebrate that the week is half way over?! Hope that whatever you're up to that it's as awesome and inspirational as these fresh cut blooms by Tulipina Designs.
Loving the mixed vessel look!
Is that a vintage soup can I spy in to the left? Using obscure vessels to hold your flowers brings an authenticity to the overall design. It's not enough to have beautiful flowers, you need the entire look to be cohesive. All of these are prime examples of that. Look at the glass beaker! Gorgeous!
One more thing before I end this card...
If you're looking at these arrangements and you're thinking to yourself, Why am I so in love with these?, well I've got the answer to that. I spoke earlier about authenticity. Well, not EVERY cut stem has to be in bloom. Not every flower has to be completely open. You can also add fruits and vinery. All these you can pick out and find in this picture. Keep that in mind when you're arranging flowers for your home or for your wedding.
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