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So I was scrolling through Vingle and thought "hey i should introduce myself and how i got here!!" So here is a little about me! This is my first card/post so bare with me if its horrid.
Well let me introduce myslef * ravi engrish voice* : My name is Syeshia but most call me Sasha or my stage name SL. I am a kpop fangirl full time and a dance peformer part time hehe. I'm 15 and i really want to go to korea one day just to eat and stalk oppa ... hahaha just kidding *insert crazy Sasaeng laugh*
So how did i get into kpop? Well i was a big jpop and anime fan when i was a babe so yeah I was already a monster in process. I started listening to kpop in 2008 (yeaj yeah i know i was 8) I got my first laptop and i was watching some Chris brown and MJ mv and some how i ran into a video of Se7en called Passion and I was officially hooked. Then I watched a few more but the other songs that caught my attention was Bigbang Haru Haru and Rain How to avoid the sun. After that it was history.
Haha it took me a few years to get used to people being a$$es about my kpop obssession but now im just like:
Hehe yeah im now happy and more open with my love for kpop now! I also made alot of friends that like kpop also so im more to happy to share my love for jhope and our future childrem with other monsters like me so yeah!! Lets all be weird kpop mosters together!!! whoooo
Damn he is haha well that is all folks ! See ya soon. I would like to talk to you all one day so dont mind ta messege a sista okay
@SashaLove Welcome to the Vingle K-Pop Family \(^0^)/
Awesome ! welcome to the kpop community! a lot of us have done intros @PassTheSuga I'm excited to see yours ^.^ may I ask where you are from? and it would be awesome if you have dome dance covers recorded so we can see. I love watching them haha
@SashaLove that's awesome! I can't dance worth a darn so I admire people can.
@PassTheSuga yeah you should do one :D
@SashaLove I'll definitely make time to do one 。^‿^。
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