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This mind blowing thing I figured out a couple weeks ago will help u alot!
1. grab some leave in conditioner or regular conditioner. 2. have your hair damp from after done swimming but pat down to get some extra water. 3. put just a little of the conditioner in the palm of your hand. 4. than start at your ends of your hair and work the conditioner up to your roots. 5. than u can brush or leave it and can put in a bun/ messy bun or ponty tail your choice. 6. a there you go easier hair to work with This will help alot because when you go to take a shower and have to put coditioner in first and it still being a little like sandpaper doing this help moistrize your hair before the shower there for making alot eaiser to wash! ENJOY !! P.S. IM NEW AT THIS SO SORRY FOR NOT EXSPLAINING VERY WELL!
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Well actually if you just take a rinse before you go in too the pool it keeps most of the chlorine off 😉 having your auntie and a mom as a hairstylist pays off😉