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I'm so excited for the bigbang concert in October!!!
i study with talk to me in korean! i really love it and its suuuuper helpful like....its amazeballs and they are so funny i listen to their podcasts. so its not boring ...lately ive had a lot of things on my plate so no time for studying :(
@krazylilmeow @KaceyDodge i heard that the Vegas show is gonna get something extra performance wise....either of you hear anything about that?
yay! I'm going to the Vegas show, I saw GD for the first time last year and I was stuck with the dumbest grin that wouldn't leave my face for dayssss :D
@PassTheSuga yeah. its kind of nice to be able to spaz about your oppas without being judged ^^
@TashaBitner I've got my sisters but even they kind of lose interest and roll their eyes at some point Lol. You're in the right place to make Kpop friends!!
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