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BTOB IG accounts
BTOB's leader Eunkwang!! He was the most recent one and final one of btob to make his IG account. cant wait to see some funny photos and videos. IG: btob_silver_light
Ilhoon!! one of the main rappers! IG: Ilhoonmj
Chicago boy, Peniel!! IG: btobpeniel
Btob's maknae, Sungjae!! he hasnt posted anything since he was filming "plus nine boys". He mostly post's pictures on his Twitter account. i heard around on the IG kpop community that his IG is private now(?) ( im not sure cause i followed him as soon as he made his IG account lol) IG: 6_zalddow
bias killer Hyunsik. am i the only one that melts when he smiles? IG: imhyunsik
silly Changsub. he always makes me laugh with his silly derp faces. IG: lee_cs_btob
selca king, Minhyuk always looks good at taking selfies... IG: btob_2mh
Btob is one of my favorite groups! Im very glad that they all have IG and i hope they continue getting more notice. They are all so talented!!
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Awww, I want to follow Sungjae! :(
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