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People sometimes don't know how the person might get effected by being rude. You should be kind to everyone because they might not be there again, the time when you want to apologize.
I always talk with people under the assumption that everyone is dealing with something different. You have no idea what's happening underneath the surface, and therefore, it is not your right to judge or hate. Treat others with kindness and respect always! Xo
It's true! Even with your friends, you might not realize what they're going through. It's better to ask why they're acting a way that bothers you instead of just snapping at them angrily :)
That's so true. One of my close friend's biggest regret to date is not being able to mend what he said to his dad. Now he doesn't even have the chance to say he loves him.
Was it the Beatles that sang All You Need Is Love?
Can't agree more @TessStevens