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Hiiii friends!!! So this is my story on how my life switched to kpop life!! Enjoy!!
But first let me introduce myself, Hi my name is Audra and I'm currently 16 years old ^^ I'm from the States (Georgia to be specific) and I'm also raised here!! My friends here in Georgia don't really listen kpop so I'm basically the most weird one the stands out kekeke. I love meeting people who loves kpop as much as I do because we can create a bond, so that's why I love Vingle, because they're so many people who love kpop and I adjusted comfortably and share the same fangirl problems that I have hehe. I'm also adorable as to one of my friends say, and I'm innocent which my friends here in Georgia say, I'm quiet at school but not around my friends. I consider myself pretty 4D, I'm very very weird. I'm very friendly, nice and sweet, and I don't stay mad long either. I have two other siblings, one younger sister (15) and one younger brother (13). I'm not a loud person and tend to keep to myself. I love asian men and that's pretty obvious (durrrr) Aigooo~ I also love aegyo, especially on boys, I do it myself, it's cute ^-^
Anyways this is how I got into kpop:
My sister listens to kpop ( mostly girl groups) it started in April in 2014, and were on Spring break from school. So my sister kept replaying the same songs over and over and the language sounded a bit weird at the time (sorry but I wasn't used to it) so I didn't understand why she liked it but it sounded weird to me, I said to myself " that girl is weird to listen to that type of stuff, I would never listen to that -_-".......I spoke to soon. I heard the song "Miss Right" by teen top and I fell in love, I don't know how but the rhythm just felt so right and it had me dancing, I didn't know what I was getting myself into O.O that was my very first kpop song I ever actually listened too, then it was " Gee" by SNSD, I couldn't take it, I need to look further into this stuff, I looked into the groups and boys looked sooo handsome and girls were very pretty~ at the time I was in love teen top, a very big fan of teen top and SNSD, but then all that changed when I found EXO and Big Bang.....OMO, my life changed so much, what has my sister done to me O.o it wasn't even a month and I was Kpop crazy. Later then I found myself listening to a lot of other boy and girl groups and that's when I found out that I became a Kpop fangirl. Like 2 months later I found BTS that summer.......ARMY.....I'm officially an ARMY when I found them. I loved them from the first song I heard by them which is " Boy in Luv ". I gotten very used to the language and culture, it's everything now ^^. When I listen to English songs, its not the same anymore, I listen to more kpop and other asian music that I sometimes forget what my own music sounds likes, hehe funny right? I also like K-movies and some K-drams, I watch ALOT of Korean movies.
But I'm happy now, I'm a happy fangirl and very adorable ^^ and that's my story :) I hoped you liked it. Sorry it's long but it's worth reading ^^
Some of my favorite Boy bands are:
Of course BTS is #1
Big Bang
Teen Top
Super Junior
So many more!!!!
I listen to more boy groups then girl groups but here are some girls bands I adore:
Girls Day
There are more but I just forgot...
But thank you!!!! And feel free to message me, you never know we might become best friends ^^ hehe.
I want to thank @jiggzy19 for suggesting that I should do the kpop community introduction ^^ thank you chingu :)
I loved this! I'm the EXACT same as you when it comes to American music... I don't even know the latest songs anymore.. xD @xoxoaudra98
@SashaLove Yayyy!!! I love other ARMYS we can create a bond lol
@StephanieDuong Right!! I just don't keep up with it anymore like I used too
@chandnip804 I actually made a card on some of my favorites that people should watch ^^
I LOVE this!!! I couldn't stop smiling while reading this cuz we have a lot of similarities when it comes to Kpop and Asian music..... Thanks for taking the time to do this! (⌒▽⌒) I have such an awesome chingu!
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