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So i really want to introduce kpop to my cousin.... But he listens to only rock, and after listening to Gangnam Style he thinks all of the kpop is terrible () but i want to prove him wrong. Please help what should i show him??? BTS? Big Bang? B.A.P.? FT island's new album. I wanna show him somethig cool and tough cuz he likes cool and tough music......PLEASE HELPP
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@AnnaNaumova my friend had posted a picture of D.O and said simply get well soon... I had commented and tagged him in it asking why he wanted my friends account removed.... it was a simple picture that any of us would post just to be like look at how cute he is or something like that.
@AngelScott are you sure it was really him though?
@AngelScott woah I c
@AnnaNaumova maybe he was simply just in a bad mood he had lots of people yelling at him when he asked my friend to remove her account... I don't know but I still love him and the group either way.!