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In Jamaica it is not illegal to pee on the side of the road, so every now and again you can see a man waking on the road and just stop and whip it out, or a vehicle stops and a man jumps out to unzip and relieve himself. My weird thing?? I can't help but try to get a peek at what a man is holding in his hand when he stops to pee. If I'm approaching this scenario, in a car I'll try to steal as much time as I can just to try to see "it". When I'm walking and getting closer, I secretly hope that he has enough on him so I can get a little peek as I get closer, while telling not to be obvious about it. What can I say, I'm one curious cat ;D
hahaha I don't know if you're strange, but you are funny.
Haahaahaa that made me laugh! I guess it's normal to be curious !!! lol.
oh... I forgot to add that as I was walking home from my aunt's tonight I met my greatest disappointment. I saw a man on the road side getting ready to whip it out being a small bus, only to realise that he was fumbling for his fone! IN HIS POCKET!! Dayum!!