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Tomorrow is my niece's graduation and I can't get to go. First of all because I don't have the money, second of all there was no one to help me with the money to get there. So my brother was had an idea that I hoped would work, but somewhere during the conversation I realised that he was blatantly ignoring me. I didn't know what to do so I probed and plundered only to realise that I was now getting pissed of about it. This taught me a lesson that I took heed to almost immediately! This is how I'm often treated and I don't deserve it, but sometimes I bring it onto myself just by my reaction to the situation. So I let it go as quickly as I could. Especially after I remembered that I didn't wanna go in the first place... reason being I want to avoid this kind of treatment while I'm around them. Now I'm happy and relieved that I don't get to go and they are all conscious that I tried. This was not the first time something like this happened with a family member but I hope it will be the last. The greatest thing about this situation for me is that I left it go and I'm proud of myself for that. What's your sign that you're all "growed" up?
and by the way, proud of u for that!! keep it up
I need to learn that too, saying no in a respectful way. I hate to be in my family's presence and have to depend on them, but I can't say no. I guess yesterday was my ultimate lesson as to why I need to just say no.
I feel you! Sometimes it's hard to say "no" to events. It actually took me a long time to learn how to reject something in a respectful way. That's a sign of me growing up.