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I've been looking for a less maintenance intensive solution to my ultra-fine rapidograph engineering pens for my illustrations. They clog from time-to-time and are a real pain to take apart and clean. I'm in love. They are expensive - around $20 for the set of 5 - but MAN are they precise and they have the perfect amount of ink flow. Add that they are archival ink - no fading, etc... I really think I've found my new weapon of choice. I find ink work more satisfying than pencil because you have to put more thought into the planning of the illustration. There's no erasing or removing a line once it has been put down. You can't just go crazy - you have to be methodical. Additionally, practicing hatching and working to build speed, fluidity, and consistency is a challenge. About the subject - Viola is a bit of a stickler for her fashion accessories. She used to only wear white sunglasses, but switched to purple when she joined The Saints - because purple is their gang color. After her sister was killed (she was also a member of The Saints) she wears her sister's hot pink glasses and purple nail polish (to show some color support for her gang affiliation. She likes long walks on the beach, cooking the books of the businesses her gang extorts money from, and suppressed automatic weapons. LOL. I'm not a video gamer - but I saw this image on a poster in the game store next to a restaurant I frequent and it was interesting. So I looked it up - found the image of her character and her game bio - and decided to draw her. The game is Saints Row. I don't know if it's a good game or bad. The pens are by Sakura - and I can totally give them a thumbs up.
So nice! I like working with Micron's a lot too ^^
Thank you! I forget how much I love working with ink sometimes. Then I get back into it and BAM!!!! It's like falling in love with your favorite food again after not eating it for years. :D
This is really nicely done too! I really love the fine details.