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My family always try to make the most of summer by spending quality time together. During the year, we don't get many opportunities to gather as much because everyone is busy. Summer is the perfect time to catch up! So, if you have the chance don't let it go. There are many many fun things to do as a family. You just have to set aside time for it. Scroll down for some of my favorite family activities.

Going for Ice-Cream

After dinner we usually stop by Baskin Robins or a frozen yogurt dessert place to get our little sweet treat and chill there for a bit. It's a fun and casual family time we all enjoy. Sometimes we even invite our cousins to join us.

Family Movie Night

A trip to the movie is fun but I love family movie nights. It's free and you don't have to get up from your seat after the movie is over. Yay - for cuddle time!

Watching a Firework Show

One of the things we do during summer is watch firework shows on Independence Day. It's free and it's fun to enjoy the scenery while munching on our favorite snacks.

Building a Sand Castle

We actually don't go to the beach for swimming. We love building sand castles and playing volleyball. Sometimes we even split up into two to see who makes the best sandcastles.

Going on a Road Trip

When I was younger I used to hate road trips because we spend too much time in the car. These days I love family road trips because we can play our favorite songs in the car and do a mini karaoke session when the parents are driving.

Forgetting About Bedtime Once in a While

It's really nice to relax and not stick to a schedule once in a while. When I don't need to go to bed early, I love hanging out with my family through pillow-talk (and friendly-pillow fights).
True! I forgot to add hiking.
This card makes me so happy! It reminds me a lot of the little activities my family and I would do when I was growing up. Outside sports are great too! Even if it's just playing catch in the backyard.
Can I make my roommates all do these things together? I think so!!