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*Deep calming breaths* (-。-)............ Nope nuh uh.....nop nope nope not working......
OMG.....okay so can we talk about Sungwoon's gorgeous green hair????? \(☆o☆)/ Boy definitely crept up on me. He was pretty much the main vocal on this track....I mean I thought he was a cutie obviously but Daaaanggg.....my bias list is crumbling just looking at your face. But that aside....his vocals are great and I'm glad he's getting a chance to shine.
And my babies....Timoteo and Kid Monster♡ That whispering line Timoteo has leading into the chorus was money....I loved that. And rockin out the dark hair. Yassss!! I could've used more Timoteo in this MV....I'm not complaining or anything....I'm js. But he was basically the focus in the debut single so I understand they're tryna showcase other members.
Ain't gonna lie to y'all.....I was not ready for Kid Monster's rap....nope nuhhh uhhh.... I dunno what it is exactly that gets me about him but he gets me. I just love me some Kid Monster.
Killin' it....cuz that's just what he does.
San with the new hair style and the chain.....all up in my face.
There was limited Junhyuk as well....but the pink hair is noted. He had a good chunk of the lead vocals in the rest of their releases so I can see why he only had a few lines.
And I can't forget to mention Hojeong. I'm still waiting for this kid to get the spotlight Lol. He just kinda pops up outta nowhere with one line and it makes you go, "oh there he is...thought we lost ya".
Always excited to see their choreography.... it's not BTS hairpin precision level BUT Timoteo and Kid Monster come with a slayage guarantee. Sooooo duh all in all I loved this track. The bass thru the chorus. The vocals are good....energy is good. Its catchy as all hell. Definitely gonna be over played along with BIGBANG's D......album..... nasties -_- Lol (´ヮ`)