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One of the most iconic hairstyle from the 1960s is the bewitched flip hair. Women would use hair rollers to create a flip at the end.
First lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, was a major influence of this hairstyle during 1961-63.
The fictional character Mary Richards from The Mary Tyler Moore Show was also know for her bewitched flip hair on screen. I also like how she styled it with and without a fringe.
In 2014, Lily Collins, was spotted with a modern day flip hairstyle with a subtle bouffant at the top of her head. As you an see, toning down the flip creates an elegant and sophisticate vibe.
The flip hairstyle is deal for women with shoulder length hair but it can vary (some examples above). If you're interested in recreating this hairstyle you don't need to use a hair roller. Today, we can get the same glamorous look twice as fast with hair dryers and curling iron.