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Sigh... As I write this post, my sleeping husband's elbow has lodged itself onto my shoulder blade! I had a bad dream that woke me up at 4am and have been trying to dodge his blows since then, watching his flailing body parts and trying to stay the hell away from them. But each time I move away he comes closer... I remember a time earlier in our relationship when I got up to shift for more comfort and got and elbow right into my eye. My exclamation did not wake him and somehow that hurt me more than the stinging pain in my eye. But I felt better when he almost cried when I told him about it some time after he woke up. I didn't sleep beside him for a while after that. Another time I woke to see him running in the bed. He was lying on his back and his feet were going like crazy! I don't know when I feel asleep because I was afraid he'd damage me again! I told him about that too and I haven't been injured by my sleeping husband since then, even though I awake to find a hand or a foot on me, or more space on his side (yes, guys do it too). Oh, and the sheet! Yes, so many times I've had to give up on trying to get me some of that, when he becomes one with the sheet. He's a pillow thief too. What are your bed sharing woes??
@onesmile yea... thanks
@alywoah lol...I feel u
I hate sharing the bed! It's so uncomfortable. I don't get any sleep with I am sharing, and it's even harder for me to fall asleep when guy wants to cuddle. Not so long ago I went over to a guy's house that I just started seeing -- it was a twin bed and I was hot as hell. I also guess when you're used to having a queen size bed to yourself, and an AC, u get a little spoiled in ur ways.
OH my god hahahahah this cracked me up!!! good job surviving all of this~~