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CHRISTMAS... hmmmmm, the day in which we celebrate with families, friends, collegues or a stranger we meet down Wal-Mart or (wotever), in Starbucks or in PAK n SAVE in NZ... CHRISTMAS... where we give and and give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. Where we look at each other and say, "hey, do I know you?" And where we might be in like 20 years time, "wow, you still look... erm, the same." CHRISTMAS... a time to smile, to laugh, to cry (in joy that is), to cuss (when the turkey is burnt), to scream (in happiness), to chase (the dog for pissing on the Christmas tree) and to remember all the memories, you have shared together with the people you love. SO... MERRY XMAS 2 U ALL N HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR (>_<) LOVE: relinashinee ♥♥♥ (oh AND in NEW ZEALAND, we ROCK XMAS LIKE THIS....)
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yeah, i miss my gramps n waking up to the cukoo of the roosters, lol :D
Awww, it's good to see you back! ( ^^)人(^^ ) Do you miss it a lot? It sounds like you had a lot of fun. We definitely missed you too. :D
ahahahaha, meanest is a slang for the greatest or the bestest, over here... lol. goh i actually miss being overseas... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the burning hot sun singeing my hair and skin, lolz :D anyways, i missed u guys, how u all duin dese days n yeah,im bk :)
@relinashinee Well, it wasn't mean so much as it was just really quiet. (^_^) I didn't feel like partying it up this year, but it was really nice. I'm glad you can still find an opportunity here and there to come Vingle! Glad you're doing well.
thnxzzz @YinofYang... lol, im overseas and I'm just grabbing the opportunity to come on the net anyways hope everyone had the meanest NEW YEAR :)