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Stephen Colbert seriously has too much time on his hands. So much so that he recently hosted public access TV in the small town of Monroe, Michigan.
Most of the episode is pretty boring, but it has some classic Stephen Colbert jokes thrown in every now and then that are pretty amusing. I suggest fast-forwarding to about 22 minutes when he introduces his guest - "a local Michigander who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music".....who turns out to be Eminem.
Colbert's signature sarcasm is evident throughout this entire interview, insulting Eminem several times by ensuring that he has a "fallback career". Eminem clearly hasn't watched much of The Colbert Report because he appears genuinely confused and offended by Stephen. Hopefully he's just playing along.
My favorite line of the entire interview - "Take that hoodie off, you have a beautiful face. Never mind put it back on I was wrong."
Eminem does not seem amused.
I can only assume we'll see more of Colbert's antics until he starts hosting The Late Show on September 8.
I hope Eminem was just playing along. Stephen is the best and I can't wait for September
I'll be here waiting for whenever that Eminem's Bob Seger cover album comes out.
@jokes I think he was..but you can't really be sure with Eminem. He's pretty hard to read.