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Blogger Emily Weiss has come a long way since assisting at Vogue and making cameos on The Hills. Her blog Into the Gloss has grown into a household name amongst fashion and beauty lovers, and now Weiss has a line of face products called Glossier that's selling out worldwide. On the side Weiss is a bit of a style star herself, so I decoded her clean New York look so we can all try and be more like her.
A crisp white button down can't go wrong.
Weiss's look is all about simple and sleek tailoring, and what does that better than a classic white button down? Also a fan of the occasional chambray blouse as well, Weiss has a wardrobe full of button downs ready to be dressed up with a pencil skirt and blazer, down with denim, and worn all around.
Show some leg in a slitted skirt.
Weiss's style is on the modest side, but she slips some sex appeal into her knee-length and longer skirts with slits that show a peek of leg without baring all. Pencil skirts are intantly elevated and made ready for night with a sultry slit, but Weiss balances them out with covered up tops.
Black and white (and blonde and brown).
Whether Weiss is a brunette or a blonde, as she changes her hair quite often, her colors of choice are black and white. Navy will have its moments as well with her style, but Weiss likes to keep lines clean and modern with understated black and white for a stark contrast.
Dress up a masculine silhouette with chic stilettos.
Weiss's look isn't especially feminine, and she opts for tailored slacks and boyfriend jeans more often than sweet dresses. Whether on the street or at an event, she elevates her look (literally) with an enviable selection of heels, usually in her trademark black, but with unique cuts that cage her feet quite fashionably.
Even if your wardrobe isn't as luxe as this writer-blogger-entrepreneur, you can still get the Emily Weiss look with streamlined, tailored pieces in black, white, and navy.