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4th of July weekend is upon us and I am already decked out in red, white, and blue. This weekend is the official kickoff of summer and it really is the weekend that sets the mood for the rest of your (epic) sumer.
And as if having a 3 day weekend this year wasn't awesome enough, here are the top 5 reasons why everyone needs to love the 4th of July right now!
The BBQs
Its almost mandatory to be at a BBQ on the 4th! Stuffing your face with cheeseburgers and hotdogs (because you obviously need both), inhaling corn on the cob, and throwing BBQ Sause on just about every is the perfect way to line your stomach so you can down beers until the early hours of the morning.
Every party has a theme!
I love theme parties. They get me so hype and I get drunker because of my excitement. And for all of you people who "hate themes", get in the spirit! The theme is super easy and actually helps you choose an awesome outfit! Red, White and Blue are pretty staple colors.
If you're still rebelling against the theme, check out What to Wear on the Fourth of July that Doesn't Have an American Flag so you can still enjoy your outfit while not being a party pooper!
It gives you an excuse to day drink at any age
After college it somehow becomes less socially acceptable to day drink. But this weekend if you don't have a beer and burger in your hand you are the unacceptable one. We drink in the name of Country!
Diets don't exist for the next 3 days
Most diets usually don't include burgers, cheese, pasta salad, hot dogs, ribs and a 30 rack of beer. In order to keep your sanity, your diet just can not exist during the 4th! So wear something stretchy and stuff your face! There is no time to think about the gym in-between slips and bites of BBQ perfection.
The firework displays are STUNNING! Curl up with a loved one or dog pile with your best friends and enjoy watching the night sky light up! Its hard not to feel totally at peace with the entire universe as you're watching fireworks, completely drunk with your favorite people.
My favorite part is the eating everything! For three days, it doesn't matter how much I eat and I absolutely love that :)
My ex was born on Christmas Day!
They do! Then they ask how your birthday was. Seriously?! You really want to ask me that??? Step away...step faaaarrr away........
@jlee37 ughhhh that sounds like a nightmare !!! I would hate that! My friends birthday is two days before and she hates it because everyone always goes away!
I like the 4th of July but I also hate it. Why? My birthday is the next day, you know, when everyone is hungover, passed out most of the day because they're hungover and grouchy jerks because THEY'RE HUNGOVER!
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