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Today in weird news: New York Times vs. Barrak Obama in a hard-hitting debate. Should guacamole have peas in it?
After the NYTimes Dining posted a recipe for Guacamole (featuring peas) on twitter a debate exploded...a debate so big that the president had to intervene. Or at least give his opinion.
The President was not apPEAsed. And when the president says it is....then you know what happens...
So do you agree with the POTUS? Or do you want to try an interesting healthy option?
The president is pretty sure he’s right.
Also, Jeb Bush added his opinion too...
Thanks for that Jeb Bush.
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I’m just saying things on the fly... ;) @allischaaff
...was that a pants pun? *groannn* Hahahaha XD you're amazing.
I think not putting peas in guacamole is something that people of all points on the political spectrum can agree on.
Hahaha I'm not going to lie it took me a bit longer to come up with that one @allischaaf.
@danidee I'm not going to knock it down until I try it. It kinda looks fancy!