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I don't even really want to get into last night's debacle against the Cubs, a 2-0 loss in 11 innings, in any more detail than that. I'm getting right to the punchline.
The Mets fucking suck, man.

Young Boy's Buoyancy:

We can't forget how outstanding this pitching staff has been. In the last 12 games (the Mets are 4-8 in that span), the Mets have allowed only 21 runs. They've allowed more than 2 runs just three times. And they've lost 8 of those games! It's just not fair to the staff. Give them a break.

Drunken Fan's Despair:

I'm almost beyond angry. I'm almost beyond upset. At this point I'm rapidly approaching homicidal.
Zero runs in 11 innings last night! Zero runs in 9 the day before that! I've got to give it to them: the Mets lineup is great at one thing: lowering opposing pitchers' ERAs. They've got to be best in the league!
The defense continues to be a nightmare. The Cubs scored last night because of lazy defense by Murphy at third base. Flores failed, again, to turn a critical double play.
Look, Darrell Ceciliani is probably a nice guy. He's a young kid, and I get it - he's out of his league in the majors. But, shit, man. The attempted suicide squeeze - with the bases loaded and one out - was a disgrace. And it's probably on Terry Collins for making the call (he later explained that he was "trying to do something different"), but you can't just wave the bat at a pitch and expect it to go well. And that goes for the whole team - no one can bunt.
And Duda - the ol' Golden Sombrero! 0-5, 4 strikeouts! A banner performance. If it were up to me, I'd diagnose him with a broken sense of awareness and put him on the DL. Cluelessness, personified. But it's not up to me, because I'm just the guy who pays to go see them a few times a summer. No paying fan has the right to demand a better performance, right? That's up to the Wilpons!


See above, "Drunken Fan's Despair".
End of rant.
I have no answers. But, yet, I keep watching. So go figure.